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Delivery orders begin from $ 100 and up

          Delivery fee from $25 up

Phone: 808.738.0999

Our daily selection varies and we advise that you allow us to use our freshest flowers rather than trying to accomplish a look or feel that resembles one of these images. Select a color palate or a particular flower and allow us to accent it in a myriad of interesting and complimentary items. 

Not all arrangements shown will satisfy the $100 minimum. Some may be $150-250 in price. Flowers out of season or extra flower counts will increase the base price considerably.

We will usually answer your email inquiries during store hours and within a reasonable time. Exceptions are if we are busy with a flower Holiday or some other event.


Please note that we will hold arrangements at the store for pick up from a $50 value or more.  Arrangements smaller or prices less than $50 are sold on a first come first served basis. We will have smaller arrangements available, but to help us keep written orders to a minimum, we have increased our basic reserving minimum. It would be faster for you to just simply come in (early), make a selection and take what you like.

If you are seeking something in particular, we advise that you phone or email order in ADVANCE. If we are busy we will NOT be able to make an arrangement on demand. Order in advance to get this started before you show up.

While we try to maintain a nice assortment of daily flower arrangements it is advised that you call and allow some notice.

Delivery minimum at $ 100 & up
The cost of the arrangement does not include delivery.
 Delivery charges as follows:
$25 base price delivery (AND UP)

 Please email inquiries to rainforesthawaii@gmail.com
Please note that arrangements shown below may be much higher in price than the delivery minimum requirement.
Items shown on this page are recent works and we may be out of specific materials by the time these images are posted
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